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August 14, 2020


Five Strange Things You Need To Know About Uranus

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I believe this might be an American Uranus, as they tend to be a bit 'roomier' IYKWIM.

How could they not mention it's a "gas giant"?

Watch out for cling ons

Wait 'till they discover the tramp stamp hiding under the whale tail.

The Roswell space aliens tell us Uranus is a fun resort planet and actually promotes being called the most fun black hole in existence. The Black Hole Bar and Grill is a fun destination known throughout the galaxy. The planet did suffer a near disaster when a drunken Orion freighter captain grazed the outer ring and tilted the planet a tad, but history records the Bars never closed and patrons reported it was a rather fun experience, all in all.
The aliens claim if we would concentrate on space travel rather than politics, we could visit the Black Hole Bar and Grill. It would also cost less than this thing we call "politics."

Lots of innuendoes are possible with this topic.

I saw Lexicological Laughingstock open for LL Cool J.

5* Snork @ JG!

One of my favorite episodes was when Spock stole the Klingon's cloaking device during a romantic liaison with the Klingon commander. Favorite lines include Spock's "How rare!" when the commander tells Spock her real name. And when she discovers he has betrayed her and accuses him of only pretending to fall in love with her, he replies, "You greatly underestimate yourself, Captain."

It is so big and roomy that a lot of people can fit their whole heads in.

Mad - was she the Klingon's version of Captain Kirk, the Don Juan of the galaxy?

JG - Wikipedia's 'The Enterprise Incident' page informs me she was commander of a Romulan vessel of Klingon design. Part of her temptation included offering the command of a Romulan starship to Spock. Leaving their romantic banquet to go slip into "something more comfortable," thus unwittingly giving Spock the chance to steal the cloaking device, was her one fatal error in what I feel sure was an otherwise-brilliant career. Samson might be a more fitting analogy for her than Don Juan.

Fun fact: I have a brother who looked just like Spock when he was growing up.

How informative !!
And, just in time for my colonoscopy.
Articles like these are why I always come back to this blog. The best source for scientific inquiry on the web.

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