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August 29, 2020


Torn flag in David City believed to be work of Bigfoot

(Thanks to Steve Bradford)


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I read that there are Bigfoot sightings reported in 49 states (not Hawaii) and all Canadian provinces. Evidently Sasquach gets around.
(A local here has one of the 8 foot fiberglass Bigfoot figures from a Jack Link display chained to a tree in his front yard. Puts Xmas lights on it in case you miss it...)

Yet he can't be sure, if only there were 18 inch footprints, then we'd know, big foot, for sure.

Great, just great, now Bigfoot is joining in protesting. This Bigfoot was good at braiding which means this was a female since researchers claim only females braid their armpit hair.

Has anyone checked with Flo ?

Now that the daily open blog is no more I'll just post this here. It actually fits; in the spirit of the flag torn by Bigfoot.

The Worst Tourist Attraction in Every State

I know Dave's book Best State Ever covers many of Florida's roadside attractions but there is a whole Covid dazed locked down country just waiting.

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