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August 01, 2020


This is the Greatest Ladder Commercial of All Time

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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I need this. Really. I was up in a tree the other day and could have used this. I'm 6'3" and 250. Climbing around with all my security cameras is not always easy.

The original version(?) of this is wooden and folds into what looks like a pole (but doesn't do the "V" fold).


I would say the bar is low, but...

A man walks into a bar and unfolds his collapsible ladder. The barkeep says:"What the hell are you doing with that?" He replies: "I been told the only way you'll get top shelf booze here is if you get it yourself." ..is that low enough for ya? By the way I think he mentions his Babcia in the add?, if so that's gotta be the worst eastern European accent I've ever heard.

I prefer a former commercial.

I want this ladder. Unfortunately my family members have threatened to kill me if I get on another ladder. Fall and break your knee one time and everybody gets all worked up about it. I was using the ladder to change a light bulb.

I may have to get one.

A neighbor was trimming his trees off a ladder (not this one) and ended up in the hospital, where he then got pneumonia. This is probably a better ladder, but he still says no more than two rungs up from now on. Oughta be a country song in there somewhere ...

One of my neighbors broke his leg just raking leaves, when he fell out of the tree.

@Steve K. - working title for the song : "Two rungs up with three sheets to the wind"

@cfjk - No, he had heard that drinks were on the house.

Ay am 10' 9". Ay don' need no steenkeeng ladder.

...you need a different ladder for that.

Buying it.

Clankie was a mere 5' 4 1/2" during the National Anthem when spotted at a recent NBA game. Standing the same height as NHL players while attending a recent game, when questioned about his height He answered, "Ay need these steeneeng high heels, Marcel."

NurseCindy? Like you have never heard the "I was changing a light bulb, while naked" story in the ER before?

NurseCindy? Like you have never heard the "I was changing a light bulb, while naked" story in the ER before?

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