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August 01, 2020


A Man Who Lost His Penis Now Has a New One Growing On His Arm

(Thanks to many people)


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I'd love to know how you guys here would react if your penis fell off. Would any of you just pick it up and throw it away? I'd also steer clear of any doctor that wanted you to grow a new one on your arm.

So his wife has had to call this guy "d!ckarm" instead of "d!ckhead" for four years?

"Completely gutted" is a fair assessment of how he felt. Of course, he did "pick it up and put it in the bin."

Thankfully, NO pictures.

I feel sorry for him but he doesn't have to flaunt it by wearing only short sleeve shirts and shaking hands excessively. I hear that he's really up in arms over this tragedy.


On the contrary. This article is worthless without a picture. Or two.

Could be a great conversation starter.

I saw this movie, "Edward Penishand", starring Johnny Derp.

Kinda' gives a whole new twist to "short-arm inspection", it's just a good thing he wasn't a magician, 'cuz he couldn't do that whole "nothing up my sleeve" bit.

He could be the new spokesman for Arm & Hammer products.

Here's another article with a picture that is strategically blurred...


Any relations with his wife is a call to arms.


Just wondering how he tested it to make sure it worked.
I mean,anyone can have a penis on his arm but what good is it if it doesn't function? Completely.

He needs a woodpecker.



It could have been worse.

Thanks for the Doobie Bros. link. Saw them live in concert 73ish, brother.

*For a while, every guitar player you met played Listen to the Music.

Christina Perri - I LUV ur sister, Katy. Katy I LUV U.

The dude's ex-wife sent him a book to read while awaiting the growth of his new and improved penis.
The book was "A Farewell to Arms."

Coulda been worse. They could have put it on his head.

Another design by committee.

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