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August 26, 2020


The Warsaw zoo said Wednesday it will start giving its elephants medical marijuana as part of a ground-breaking pilot project to test how it reduces their stress levels.

(Thanks to Andrew MacIntyre, who says "Big bongs needed.")


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Being paranoid is why I quit the stuff. And I am a pachyderm.

I bet it'll reduce the stress of the zookeepers too.

Phone conversation from a neighborhood weed shop in Colorado:

"You say this is the Warsaw Zoo? And you want to order 100 BALES?"

While humans can work out their tensions by squeezing ‘stress balls’, the elephants prefer to squeeze the attendants.

I thought Dumbo could fly already.

I can't believe they would subject those poor stressed elephants to marijuana without first using human trials.
I, for one, will subject myself to these experiments. I will require at least 100 pounds of test material and unlimited pizza deliveries.

Still the funniest video we've ever watched:
Carol Burnett & Tim Conway - The Elephant Sketch

Note: This is the complete 22 minute version. They did the show twice, live, once for each coast. When Carol knows what is about to happen next, the look on her face is priceless

NSFW: One bad word.

Thanks, PirateBoy, that was amusing!

I can just imagine the local Taco Bell trying to cope with a line of elephants at the drive through — with trunks sticking through the window wrapped around a terrified attendant.

I guess they know how to pach-y-derm.

It's because the locals appropriate all the vodka intended for the elephants.

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