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August 25, 2020


Ever wonder what the male version of a bikini might look like? Well, look no further because two guys from Toronto are here to bring you bikinis for men.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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"Ever wonder what a male version of a bikini might look like?"

Please note in the first picture the woman is walking behind the men while desperately trying to look like she's never seen them before in her life.

There is not enough eye bleach.

Where is a flock of aggressive gulls when we need them?

When may we expect to see a runway show of Tarzan's Fall Collection?

Toronto needs to import some of those Japanese monkeys, or possibly the armed grannies.

Am I the only one who remembers Borat doing that years ago?

I knew it!

PS - Eyebleach Warning!

I guess that's the sort of beachwear we should expect from a country where the water never warms up enough for people to swim in (they do anyway, but their brains are already frozen, so no further damage done, I guess).

Would like to see face off between Monkey Busters and Brokini Boys

Back in the days before Don't ask/Don't tell in the armed forces these were known as sad-sacks.

"Ever wonder what a male version of a bikini might look like?"
Corey Smith: No.

Make that " Oh hell No ! "

Eh, put a red flannel shirt on.

We already have a male version of a bikini. It’s called a Speedo. And it certainly looks better than that.

No. Just, no.

Notice that it looks like a down pointing arrow, indicating the wearers chance of 'getting lucky.

Borat was way ahead of this fashion.

@Judy - agreed.

Fred and Barney?

Besides ripping off Borat, they chose fabric patterns I've only seen on infant onsies. More eye bleach, please.

If they made them a little roomier, the guy wouldn't have to haul his junk in a cart.


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