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August 02, 2020


Finch Sitting

(Thanks to Ralph)


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OMG! The sexual tension is almost palpable!

I hear they taste like chicken

The American version: "Watching Paint Dry" can be played indoors or out.

Too strenuous for the average American.

I'm not sure what the charge would be, but whatever those guys are doing to little birds would be a hanging offense in Texas.

Le Pet, it would almost certainly be some sort of violation of the hunting laws, because after all, what else would Texans do with birds but hunt them?

Since they are occasional found in the wild here as accidental migrants, it is illegal to keep Chaffinches as pets in the US. They are listed as a protected species by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, as implemented by the Code of Federal Regulations Title 50 Part 10.13. There are dozens of other species of finches that are legal pets. You can finch sit them as much as you like.

Watch the Vimeo video in the article for more excitement.

Why aren't they social distancing? WHERE ARE THEIR MASKS?

Oh, The Humanity!

And of course a doping/steroid scandal for the top birds is coming.

I think I saw this on FS2 last night, right after their aired the "Disc Golf" match of the week (Which I actually did watch, for about 15 seconds.)

The problem with "Finch Sitting" is you're a sitting duck for any pigeon flying by.

Ok, as long as they don't actually sit directly on the finch.

Were any of them named Atticus?

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