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July 29, 2020


Deep sea microbes that laid dormant for 100 MILLION years are ‘revived’ in a lab after being fed certain minerals

(Thanks to many people)


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But were they fed Alien Minerals?

Oh, this sounds safe. What could possibly go wrong?

This from the article:"Sources of carbon and nitrogen such as ammonia, acetate and amino acids were supplied to the microbes and the microbes subsequently thrived." Soon all the horese semen will be eaten by deep sea microbes.

"They're ready to eat." should have rung the alarm bells of anyone familiar with science fiction.

Ancient Sea Microbes WBAGNFARB.

Or maybe not.

Unfortunately,the key mineral required was unobtainium and the entire supply was consumed in the first test. The microbe's hope for the future remain sunk.

"We don't know what this dormant creature is, but let's take it to the lab and try to revive it."

The above plot has inspired dozens of horror movies and they all end badly. Don't any of these scientists ever watch movies?

Don't these people watch '50s thriller movies?

Didn't the Japanese learn their lesson about reviving things from the deep ocean in the 1950s?

Back when Cher had her first last tour.

What could go wrong is that they mated with the Supergiant Sea Cockroachs.

If it destroys 99% of the human race Yankee tickets will be cheaper I bet.

"At first I was sceptical, but we found that up to 99.1 per cent of the microbes in sediment deposited 101.5 million years ago were still alive and were ready to eat."

But not by me.

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