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July 08, 2020




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Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word!

Grease is the word, is the word, is the word

How about Six Words Long

Word, dude.

Red Schoendienst and Stan Musial decided to head to the UK on vacation with their wives after the 1964 Major League Baseball season. While in Wales, Red and Stan decide to take their wives to a small club for dinner and drinks. During dinner there wa a young singer performing and everyone was amazed at this young man's awesome voice. The singer was an 'unknown' named Tom Jones.

Tom noticed that all the staff were so nice to Stan. The servers, who were occasionally a little preoccupied, were acting like he was a favorite uncle. The bartender was already on a first-name basis with him. Even the manager, who Tom had known for over a year and just started to warm up to him, was openly friendly with the American baseball star. Tom was stunned by this change of attitude in everyone and pulled Red aside for a moment to ask him about it:

"Red, you and Stan never were here before, right?"


"Then how come everyone seems to be on such good terms with Stan?"

"It's just something with him. That happens everywhere we go. It's been like that for years. There's just something about his personality. He said his father was like that as well."

"Wow, Red. That must be something amazing. It just seems so strange to me to be able to make people that happy that fast."

Red Schoendienst put his arm around the young singer and chuckled and told him:

"Ah, you see, Tom Jones, it's not un-Musial to be loved by anyone."


no sliw word oow spelled backwards is woodrow wilson

The Word. Track 6, side 1 of "Rubber Soul".

Illinois license plate 3M TA3
look in a mirror
ok...two words.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtMU8nvZzOs this was inferred, apparently?

Bravo, man tom!

I never ‘tire’ of birds.

"Never use a long word when a short one will do. If possible cut a word out, always cut it out."

----George Orwell

In that worstcasescenario...

This is what I will be doing tonight and tomorrow when the shipment arrives. I remind you,

lock up your daughter
Lock up your wife
Lock up your back door
Run for your life
'Cause I'm T.N.T., I'm dynamite

*I wanted to ask The Blog, whenever you are writing do you bust out laughing at what you have just written like the rest of us do when we read what you have witten? How does that work?

Polonius" What do you read, my Lord?

Hamlet: Words, words, words, words

Polonius: What is the matter?

Hamlet: Slanders, sir, for the satirical rogue says here that old men have gray beards, that their faces are withered, their eyes purging thick amber and plum-tree gum and they have a plentiful wit and weak hams.

Polonius: Though this be madness, yet there is a method to it.


Back when I was a college student my worst nightmare was English composition. A typical assignment would be to write a 300 word theme on some topic that passed through the teacher's head. Trying to write a coherent document using not 299 words nor 301 words strained my brain. Always thought it was unfair that long words counted the same as short ones. Back then there were no word processors and we were forbidden to use typewriters. We had to write it by hand with an ink pen. One of the things I admire about Dave and other professional writers is how they can fit their ideas into a certain length on a page on a newspaper.

Word is still overcomplicated for simple documents. I prefer Pages on a Mac.

‘Fumbling’ as in , to keep my jacket on, whatever sneakers I’m wearing—

"Le Potomane and his knowledge of Shakesphere for $1600."

"The first of our two daily doubles, how much will you wager?

"$5, Le Petomane knows nothing about Shakesphere."

"For $5 here is the clue, as a teen growing up in Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire England, how many girls did Le Petomane date including family members of Wm. Shakespeare?"

"What is None?

"Oh no sorry, it is correct none of Shakespheare's family, but Le Petomane had a bad case of the Odephus Complex and dated his mother well into his 20's, the answer is one, sorry."

Word is ok. my wife prefers WordPerfect

man tom--Thanks for the much needed laugh.
BTW, I am also foiled by a microwaving a Marie Calender's frozen TV dinner.

Is the word...

"ACID" ???


My wife still misses MS DOS, whoever she was.

Silence is golden by Dave Barry Thomas Carlyle.

There is a genre titled "Six Word Stories". One of the best known is reportedly by Ernest Hemingway:

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

As an anateur animator who has to provide taglines to contest entries, I see those as similar. A great example form a major Hollywood movie:

"You'll never go in the water again"

As part of the church's security ministry, I sometimes escort the ushers and offering back to the office, where it's counted before being deposited in the financial office upstairs. One Sunday,after the count was done, the usher responsible asked who would accompany him for the drop.
"I'll be your Andy," I said.
"My Andy?" he replied.
"Sure, from the song," I said.
"What song?" he asked.

"Andy walks with me, and he talks with me..."

I loved Ronee Blakley's wheelchair-bound version of that song in the movie Nashville.

Seen on Imgur:

"It's July 8th and people are still setting off fireworks! One almost caught our Christmas decorations on fire!"

Lyrics are different than poetry, but they can have the same impact. Lyle Lovette rhymed "Ice Water" with "Fly Swatter", Steve Miller rhymed:

" ... Hoo-hoo-hoo, billy Mack is a detective down in Texas
You know he knows just exactly what the facts is ... "

And Todd Snider gave us a memorable phrase in "America's Favorite Pastime" about Doc Ellis throwing a no hitter while on LSD:

"His sinker looked like it was falling off a table
But nobody was hallucinating that"

WordStar. It was, is, and shall always be a better word processor than MicroSquash Word.

WordPerfect Not as much.

For computer people, nothing can ever beat EMACS.

man tom is likely to burn in hell for "un-Musial"...

"Go to heaven for the scenery, hell for the company." -Twain

A well a everybody's heard about the bird
B-b-b bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word
A well a bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word
A well a bird, bird, bird, well the bird is the word
A well a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word

The Shining Sea is the Sky

I take it you don't like my Tom Jones Joke?



It's not unusual.

Making the world a better place....

I thought it was a story, as in .. birds fly low, too

There was a wild turkey on one of the fairways where we played golf yesterday. He was slinking around some of the trees. The previous fairway is where my golf partner lost a bright red ball. There are also several squirrels on that course. I suspect the squirrels put the turkey up to the theft and that is why the ball was missing. I don’t trust birds. Few years ago my wife’s pet parrot nailed my thumb and took a while to stop bleeding. I don’t trust them.
Red Skeleton’s Gertrude and Heathcliff were flying over a ship, he said it was a tourist ship, she asked him how he could tell. Then he said they are looking up.
I don’t trust birds.

I’d say mind your p’s and q’s on cloudy days, with them. God is their maker as well...

This does not have a punchline, but when Red Schoendienst brought a team to Japan in the '60s for some exhibition games, my siblings and I went down to meet the bus at Korakuen Stadium (now Tokyo Dome) and got his autograph.

I also loved watching Red Skelton as a kid during my time in California, although the only story I remember now was about a lady who had a big dog (?) and "big something elses."

There was a man who took his dog to a talent agency and told them his dog could talk. To prove it, the man asked his dog, "What is the thing that goes on top of a house?" The dog answered, "Woof!"

Then the man asked his dog, "Who was the greatest baseball player of all time?" The dog answered, "Woof!"

After the agent kicked them out onto the street, the dog turned to the man and said, "Do you suppose I should have said Joe DiMaggio?"

The word of the year for 2020 must be "cowering"-- at least so far.

Born and raised in St. Louis the Cardinals were my heroes growing up. 1964, I remember Ken Boyer slamming a grand slam to beat the Yankees, I believe the final score was 4-3 Cards, in one of the World Series games that year. We had Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Julian Javiar, Tim McCarver and of course the great Bob Uecker. Again in '67 and '68, Red Schoendist was manager by then, the cards were in the World Series both years.

Red Schoendist was 95 when He passed in 2018. He grew up in a small town just outside St. Louis.

Stan Musial was 92 when He died in 2013. He was from Ladue, Mo a suburb of St. Louis Co. I had a Stan Musial autographed glove as a kid.

I went to last game played at old Sportsman park in St. Louis, The Gas House Gang era stadium. A helicopter landed at home plate after the game and they dug up home plate and flew it to the then brand new Busch Stadium downtown which has since been torn down. People were tearing the wooden seats out and taking them as souvenirs. Around the same time, in 6th grade the teacher had a television set brought into class so we could watch the final piece of the new Gateway Arch being put into place.

Auggie Busch of Anaheiser Bush fame owned the Cardinals back then, I went on a grade school field trip to Grant's Farm, Ulysses S. Grant, a wildlife area Auggie Busch owned. We rode a tram around the place. I believe at that time Grant's Farm was the home of August 'Auggie' Busch's Clydesdales.

...Many moon ago while at Chanute AFB, took a side trip to St.L did the bbgame thing with a few buds&Buds rode the arch to the top, nice view out the windows, and remember visiting the unattended stables where the BigCs were housed, but only remember it was a large, round structure with the individual stalls placed at the perimieter facing inward, very fancy, very clean, very impressive.

PirateBoy, your mention of "emacs" was most certainly the first I've heard in about 25 years.

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