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July 26, 2020


I have always appreciated Dave’s writings since he was a kid writing on his mama’s living room walls.
He still reflects the views of America more clearly than Americans!
I hereby nominate Dave for president of the U S of America.
You ain’t alive if you don’t vote for Dave.
elizabeth conboy


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America would be more American. Dave! I second.

Go for it Dave! And make Lucy your VP.

I would love *-* to see Dave as president.

Dave I totally support you for president however be prepared for the questions you'll face if you, for instance, call Kim Jong Un a booger head. First the fact you drew on your mom's walls will be brought up. Then they'll ask why you wore Soviet style eyeglasses when you were in school. To prove this point they'll pass around your school pictures showing you wore those glasses and will mention that Moscow Russia is only 4600 miles from Armonk, NY. A quick bike ride?
Also I think a better campaign motto would be:
You ain't brave
If you don't vote for Dave.

Selecting Hubert Humphrey as your running mate would improve your chances with those voters who "ain't alive."

I like the idea that I reflect the views of America MORE CLEARLY THAN AMERICANS. (Emphasis added.)

The bar is incredibly low. I'm for Dave!

Would this be a good campaign motto: Thank God for Dave. Thank God for Brave.

Or is that too long?

A vote for Dave is NOT a vote for a lower bar, it's a vote for an OPEN BAR!

America! Not Americans.

Yes? No?

America. Music for quiet living. Dave.


Something in my smile for everyone. Dave The America!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8cRAoICjrA "Monday every time that I turn around" ...every campaign needs a rousing theme song, this may be the perfect one for a quarantine themed campaign.

I like the idea of a cabinet full of Rock Bottom Remainders. I have one, so why not the White House too?

America, the heartland of no more idols, or idiots. Vote. Dave.

C’mon Dave, the bar is stupendously low! It’s like the smell of coconut!,

Dave in 2020. What's the worst that could happen? Or: Dave in 2020. It can't get any worse. Or: Dave in 2020. At least he's trying to be funny.
I think you have a mandate. (Which now that I look at it is a weird word)

If you want to fight with me, you'll have to stand in line.

Times are tense.
We need a real comedian.
Doesn't Ukraine have a comedian?

Dave's vision for America is 20/20.

The cabinet needs a Department of Humor.

In the current state of affairs, cabinet posts for Larry, Moe and Curly would be a logical start. Running mate, whomever it is, should have a sense of humor (too bad Will Rogers isn't around anymore).

The Dream is alive.

Sorry everybody but, I like Dave to much to wish anything as horrible as politics upon him.

^5 and bravo to nursecindy!

elizabeth conboy ==>
Cozy Babe Hotline

Yeah: "He still reflects the views of America more clearly than Americans."
Whose views does he reflect .. the people of America .. i.e. Americans ?

How hard can the job be?

Most Americans can't reflect any views if they require more than 140 characters.

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