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July 14, 2020


Today we visited Longwood Gardens, a famous botanical garden in Pennsylvania. This turned out to be a very exciting day there, because Sprout, a corpse flower -- which gets its name because it smells terrible, like rotting meat -- was in bloom. This is a rare event, and there was a long line -- a four-hour wait -- to see Sprout, who is a major celebrity, like Mick Jagger.


We did not wait in this line; if we want to smell rotting meat, we will simply open our refrigerator when we get home. Instead we walked around and enjoyed the gardens, which are lovely. But if you would like to see Sprout (who does, in fact, look a little like Mick Jagger) you can see him (or her, we are not presuming) in action on the livestream stinky cam.

Or you can use the comments section for an open thread if you want. It's a free country! Although masks are mandatory.


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Whatsa matter with you? The flower doesn't look like Mick. If you look around the gardens, you will see stones-just like Mick.

Livestream Stinky Cam sounds like something in the Caveman bathroom, IYKWIM(AITYD) and NNTAWWT

Feed me, Seymour!

I'll be drilling some holes my garage to run cables to my cameras. One camera will show a view of my trash cans which have just bloomed and really stink. Blooming, Stinking Trash opened for Katy Perry.

Be careful in PA, it's still pretty close to Miami.

Looks more like Longwait, Pennsyltucky, & we don't blame you for the "not waiting" for the great pic of "Stinky" as we would only wait in a line that long if it promised free beer at the end.

The only way I'd wait in line for four hours is if it was the only way to get away from a flower that smelled like rotting meat.

I can't smell anything. Maybe my Smell-o-vision is broken.

You have to "smell with eyes", well, you could if there was a well-focused pic, or it's just the plandemic.

Like nursecindy, I'm surprised there wasn't a long line running away from that corpse flower. They really stink! My first mother-in-law had one she named Mr.Le Pew. It did complement her piranha pond, however.

According to the article, this putrid-smelling thing hasn’t shared its stench with the world since1961. Does anyone else think there’s something appropriate about a rarely-occurring odor choosing to show up and test our gag reflex in 2020? Most everything else stinks about this year, so I suppose the flora is just piling on.

I think it looks more like Richards than Jagger..

I see you're socially distancing from Philadelphia.....always good to try to stay 50 miles away from Philadelphia!

"A corpse flower by any other name would smell as rotten" ----Bill Shakespear

I recall a young man in London who was standing in line during a shortage of ... stuff. He said he didn't know what the line was for, but he saw it and just lined up. We got close to that for toilet paper. A clerk at the local ALDI said they didn't come in the evening, when the TP was sold out. But they lined up an hour before opening knowing the truck had probably come overnight.

@pogo - Greatly enjoyed that!!

When I saw the plant's scientific name, I realized that the Blog's normally-strict policy was also on hiatus. :-)

If you can't smell it, it's a sign you've got the virus.

Do they know which way it's going to vote?




So basically, those people are standing in line for a free covid test?

I went to Longwood Gardens as a young teen way back in the 1970's. I was entranced by the Gardnes.

That thing grows quickly. ...Like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" quickly...

Judging by the size of that line up of people waiting to see a putrid flower, the risk of Covid19 causing brain damage is a lot more serious than I ever thought.

And just out of curiosity, how much do they get for those souvenir clouds ?

Come visit us at Kent State, you’re right next door. We’ll find something that stinks that you won’t have to wait in line for. Like the football team or the alley downtown behind the bars.

Ah, Water Street. I remember it well.

Campus has really changed though. The town, too.

Some years back, maybe 5, one of my sons thought about going there and I (all proud and full of nostalgia and stuff) drove him up there to look around and I basically recognized nothing. I didn't know where to go, how to find the football stadium or the dorm where I stayed, etc. I found out that the school has tripled in size since I went there.

Dave's right. you can't go home again.

why is there a square cut out of the flower at the bottom?

Are the masks for the virus or the smell?

That flower is a two-bagger, so the mask is in case someone you know sees a picture of you standing in line to see a flower that smells like rotten meat, they won't recognize you, much like the old joke: "My old lover was a two-bagger. They were so ugly you'd where a paper bag over your head in case the one over theirs broke! (RIMSHOT!)

@ cfjk

of course "Coyote Ugly" is if you wake up next to her chained to the bed you chew your arm off to get away.

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