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July 29, 2020


‘Scrotum frog’ is essential to Lake Titicaca region and must be saved, experts say

(Thanks to Joshua Lutes, who says "everything falls apart without them.")


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The story is ribbeting

I thought Scrotum Frog was a heavy metal band.

Why am I suddenly reminded of this poem by the late, great Jimmy Stewart:

"Lake Barengo is a body of water...
Its water is as smooth as glass.
But getting to Lake Borengo...

(long pause)

Is a genuine pain in the ass."

"Is that a frog in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" & "Can my scrotum frog swim in your Lake titicaca?" have to be popular Lake Titicaca area pub pick-up lines among the tourists, (but it really sounds like we need a vaccine for scrotum frog). Wait, ...is this another euphemism?

"This void of information prompted Bolivia’s Natural History Museum to launch a collaborative effort to save the overlooked amphibian."

Overlooked Amphibian WBAGNFARB, seriously.

And SNORK at wanderer.

Elusive? Just how elusive can a two-pound frog that looks like a huge set of testicles be?

Not to be confused with the Testes Snail.

... or the inimitable Mort Estes, for that matter.

From the picture, scrotum froggy looks like a naturally hatched party animal, right down to having permanent sunglasses and a "trust me"smile.

Froggy went a-courtin' (abridged version)

A frog went a-courtin' and he did ride m-hm a-hm
sword and pistol by his side
he took miss mouse upon his knee
said miss mouse will you marry me m-hm m-hm
then frog and mouse went off to France m-hm m-hm
that's the end of this romance m-hm-m-hm
froggy's gone to France married to a mouse
froggies mostly all went to France
lake Titacana was overrated anyway m-hm m-hm

Stigmata data from Lake Titicaca

Scrotum and Titicaca in the same story. This blog has really gone to the frogs.

If you were editing a story about this, you'd make the writer choose another name for either the frog or the lake because this was too obvious.

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