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July 31, 2020


In an experiment you should never, ever try at home, the experimenters at YouTube’s DemolitionRanch found that if you were strong enough to bend the barrel of a rifle back on itself (a clever maneuver Bugs Bunny often pulled on Elmer Fudd) the bullet would actually follow the curved path.

(Thanks to Geoff)


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Easy-peasy, just like shootin' fish in a barrel with a crowbar.

But can you do this?

Link URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4v4bEzHRZY

Finally, a gun you would give your mother-in-law.

They need to investigate the one where the Coyote is on skis and has the refrigerator on his back shooting out ice in front of the skis, and he keeps going horizontally for a few hundred feet after he shoots off the cliff. I mean... That could be possible too, couldn't it ?

If you've seen it on TV its' gotta be true.


Wile E. Coyote: Defying physics to a whole new level.

I'm sure this makes Daffy Duck feel better about all the times he shot himself in the "rabbit season" sequences.

If you don't know Dr Matt, you should. He's a compassionate vetinarian and
12 year old disguised as an adult with money.


Mythbusters proved that years ago

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