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July 28, 2020


A Florida man allegedly scammed nearly $4 million from the US government’s coronavirus relief loan program — and used some of the cash on a brand-new Lamborghini and other luxury items, authorities said Monday.

(Thanks to pharmaross and Asher Scheiner)


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I nominate this guy to be Dave's VP! Who doesn't need an experienced bag-man that can produce? (Just tell everyone he's carrying the "football", plus he's got GPS chops, so in a pinch he could drive, and yea, he's got a fancy set of wheels, too)

Can we get a Presidential Pardon here, or what?

Hey, he stimulated the economy, didn't he?

This poor man had his new car and all his money confiscated by the same people he stole it from. He was just following politicians code of honor and really had planned on running for Congress or some government office where such dealings are not frowned upon. Now he is back living in his mommy's basement and locked down like most of us. Nowadays he spends his days watching TV and wishing he hadn't taken that money before he won an election.

I blew my stimulus check on a new recliner and some new tires for my car. I hope the IRS doesn't come knocking at my door.

NC -- his check had a few more zeros than ours.

Along your lines, I'm hoping the bathroom ceiling repair doesn't get taken away.

Shoot him. He's already spent his prison allocation.

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