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July 29, 2020


Gas leak from horse semen container sparks hazmat alert at Havant delivery centre

(Thanks to Chris Partridge and pharmaross)


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What a pisser!

I did not know that horse semen (or any semen for that matter) had out-gassing capabilities.
Question.....Can this be weaponized?

Have you ever seen lettuce leaves frozen in liquid nitrogen? They are pretty frightening to me.

Once they removed the canister, it was much ado about nothing. Air is about 80% nitrogen. There couldn't have been enough leaked to make a difference in breathability in the building.

Liquid nitrogen is relatively cheap. Horse semen is expensive. I hope they fixed the problem.


The leaking nitrogen gas was harmless, but the fire crews did get a kick out of horsing around for a while.

The director of the clinic was asked by a reporter from Le Monde for a pithy comment.
"0 Mared" he replied

Well I went through the desert with the chilled horse semen and the first thing I met was the flies with a buzz.

After nine days I just let the horse semen run free near where the flies were with a buzz

But the humans will give no love

La, la


Must have made for an interesting police report. "Area evacuated due to potential semen explosion."

The headlines I read on this blog never cease to amaze me.
What an educational blog!

A "white smokey mist" ?


I bet I'm the only one here who has actually been to Havant, not that it was a very exciting place then. Now, that's different.

My friend says she saw Horse Semen Gas Leak do "A Horse With No Name" when they opened for The Ramones

The terrorists will stop at nothing.

I can't help but think the mares would prefer a real horse. Imagine having to tell your colt, "I remember you when you were just a gleam in a chilled 30-litre vessel."

Wait a minute. 30 liters is about 8 gallons -- of horse semen.

This gives me an entirely new outlook on Ezekiel 23:20. "There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses."

@CurlyDave - If there's one thing this fine humor blog is known for, it's the depth of its Biblical exegesis. Matthew Henry would be proud.

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