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July 11, 2020


You may fire when ready.


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Ready, aim...

Those graphics beg the question: Can you use bottle rockets to start a camp fire?

cfjk: Probably yes, if you douse the wood with gasoline or camping fuel first. And not too much. You don't want to blow the fire (and yourself) apart.

My delightful step-son caught a school bus seat in fire and was banned for life from transportation. I had the pleasure of driving Sonny Boy and his friend to the Alternative School for 2 years. Those two would have complete conversations using one word. Dude was the word. The school mascot was the body pierced Beluga.

I have found that a campfire (or any fire) is easier to start if you have some matches before attempting to try this feat.

How about a round of 'where are they today?' Anyone know?

Deployment of the butt trumpet will ensure the user maintains a safe distance from the point of ignition. For longer trumpets, a second individual may be required for proper positioning of the ignition source.

A doctor friend told me of a case he attended when he was an intern in North Carolina. In those days there were traveling carnivals with various acts. one had Frank the Fire Eater who would inhale propane and ignite his breath to interesting effect.
It seems this one time Frank developed hiccoughs in the middle of his act and the audience got a show to remember. My doctor friend said Frank the Fire Eater's career ended with a bang.


Have a great Sat. evening . The best that you can have under current circumstances.

Keeping on the fire theme, here's a cartoon from the late, great B. Kliban


I think the world is too crowded.
I am rooting for the stupid virus.

I once discovered that if tried to ignite three boxes of "classic" sparklers, all at the same moment by using a flare, the hair on my arms would instantly vaporize from the fireball and resultant heat flash.

*sigh* I miss those days.

"..., Gridley."

I've delayed as long as I can. I searched the blog to ensure that I did not miss it. If I missed it, I am prepared to be fired. However, I can see no reference in this blog to the formal establishment of Exploding Whale Memorial Park. Either I have failed the blog or the blog has failed me.

As a Boomer I am conflicted regarding the Coronavirus. I worry that it could kill me, but it could make Social Security solvent.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpAMcvAPNAI Somehow this seems relevant, but for the life of me I don't know why.

@wanderer - I liked "The Silent Movie" a lot. Marty Feldman was also great in the "The Last Remake of Beau Geste", he also wrote the screenplay.

Craig Mcgee-- The Exploding Whale park was covered a while back. Everyone, especially those in Oregon, got a big bang out of it. They could put up a statue, but that might not be a good idea nowadays.

I had a job as a human cannonball but they fired me.

Craig Mcgee: That story made us all blubber.

Both Alien8 and PirateBoy made me laugh out loud! :-)

That's a wrap ... I hope!

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