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July 28, 2020


No One Is Owning Up to Releasing Cloud of Methane in Florida

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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300 metric tons? That would be one very large dog, Dave. Where's Lucy?

also: Edgar?

(Q) What was 12 miles wide, invisible to the naked eye and traveled across six counties to Florida's largest city? (A) We don't know, and if we did, we wouldn't tell (but it has an earie similarity to some recent nightly open threads).

Normally, the students in the Gainesville area would burp out several times that amount on the average Saturday night.

But these aren't normal times.

(Q) What has one eye and three ears? (A) I've no idea but eerie is spelled like this (with THREE e's, still seems like too many).

That must have been one seriously-sized finger to pull.

I was not in Florida in the month of may and I have witnesses!

300 tons of methane is nothing. Now back when the Flathead Lake Monster ate that Taco Bell truck folks here thought the methane emissions would never end.

It's probably coming from the Florida wildlife officials that recently removed 5000 Burmese Pythons from the Everglades.

Bean night in Gainesville.

Anyone checked the recent position of Uranus?

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