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July 26, 2020


Beer spills everywhere after semi overturns on I-55 in Festus

(Thanks to pharmaross)

How did we not know there was a place called "Festus?"


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Road trip!

Uncle Festus, is that you? ...MO spill'n, less fill'n?

"The Bottle Rockets" Festus' native sons performing radar gun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeNMxmw998c

If Festus got a town named after him, why didn't Marshall Matt Dillon get one. Maybe too many letters?

There's no Riviera in Festus Missouri. ;)


Oh, the humanity!

If they named a town "Chester", would it cause one to think it's a rather limp idea? Actually, I'm in favor of renaming all towns currently named "Chester" to either "Miss Kitty" or "I'm comin', Mr. Dillon" (although I wouldn't mind an occaisional "Festus").

It's only A-B products. No big loss.


The way I heard it was that the town used to be named "Long Branch" after Miss Kitty's saloon but the implied reference to "Gunsmoke" was too subtle so they re-named it for a more obvious character.
Check Wallipedia for more evidence.

Matt Dillon had two sidekicks on Gunsmoke, Dennis Weaver played deputy Chester Goode for 9 years. He was replaced by Ken Curtis, who played deputy Festus Haggen from 64-75. Festus rode a mule and had a limp.

There could be a town named 'Chester' but it wouldn't have the same ring as Festus. It would have been ironic if the beer truck had wrecked trying to avoid hitting a mule.


cfjk - Yup, hometown of the Bottle Rockets, one of my favorite bands. Years ago I saw them open for Todd Snider at The Fabulous Satellite Lounge here in Houston (now gone)(the club, not Houston). At one point they surfed a guitar around the packed crowd, saying they were having fun and may never leave the stage. A local reviewer said it was the best concert of the year, and was amazed they could perform, or even stand erect, after knocking back shots all afternoon.

We got yer Chesters and Dillons covered.



If there isn't a town called "Gunsmoke, NV", there should be.

Been through Festus more times than I care to admit.

Secondly, calling the spilled material Anheuser-Busch “products” is more accurate than mistaking them for “beer”. That slop should probably cleaned up by a hazardous waste team.

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