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July 04, 2020


O’er the comments we watched.


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File under should have have been posted yesterday.

Many Americans will be celebrating July 3rd, as the last time they had all 10 fingers.

"Oh-h say can you see, any green-heads on me, if you can brush them off, 'fore they chase me to the sea..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_lCmBvYMRs

I'm curious if The Blog is notified of a new comment having been posted by a 'buzzer' sound. I would replace the buzzer sound with this.

Plan on traveling? Get this. Delta has banned emotional support dogs, but Korea Airlines is still allowing them with your choice of rice or steamed vegetables.

I thought the Clint Eastwood flick wasn't funny enough. I made up for it.

Seen on Imgur:

From the Summer than brought you "All the inside things are cancelled" also comes "You won't want to play outside either!"

(Heat wave for the next week; Metro Detroit forecasts are 96 degrees. I HATE hot weather; I plan to isolate inside for the next week because of heat, not Covid.)

'just can't wait to hear: ..."hot 'nuff for ya?"

I hope the fireworks display goes off better tonight here in Flathead County than last year. None of them worked. The guy we sent to buy them said he couldn't understand why because they had worked fine when he tried them out a few days earlier.

No official fireworks display here tonight. Obnoxious individuals may be doing their own thing, however.

Here in Roswell, New Mexico it seems every other family bought a truckload of fireworks. The last three nights have sounded like the siege of Fort Sumter. The cat has started shedding.
Some of us asked the space aliens if they were ever going to put on a fireworks display. They said they could, but we wouldn't like it.

Didn't Mac Davis do 'It's warm when you touch my hot bottle rocket?'

I always wondered who this Jose guy is and why we all want to make sure he can see.

I heard that Canada also has a 4th of July and a 5th, and a 6th...

Message from the stars, BY DAVE BARRY, UPDATED MAY 12, 2014

" ... the "Air Ball" chant [at basketball games]: The crowd members always seemed to start at precisely the same time, and in perfect tune with each other ... Americans ... are not noted for their skill at singing in unison ... It's even worse when Americans at sporting events attempt to sing The Star Spangled Banner, because not only does this song contain an estimated 54,000 notes, but also the crowd has only the vaguest notion of what the words are, so what you hear is a vaguely cattle-like sound created by thousands of people murmuring uncertainly, in every conceivable key, about the ramparts red gleaming."

I don't want to scare neighbour's dogs so I am launching fireworks inside my home.

In Canada the first week of July is usually just referred to as "summer" with fall then lasting through the first week of August.

Kanye West just announced that he is running for president this year. Dave, you are our last hope - it is time for you to step in.

Yes, help us, Obi Wan. The last I recall, you were looking for a hat to throw into the ring. Well, look no further. Or farther, as the case may be. You can have mine.

And I vote for the "A wienermobile in front of every school" motto suggestion. To those of us huddled masses yearning to breathe free, this sounds positively idyllic.

10:30pm and no bombs bursting in air yet. Too quiet. I better break out my trumpet, the neighbors and dogs just love it.

It's 1:30 a.m. here where I live and my obnoxious neighbors FINALLY ran out of fireworks.

Fireworks are taken very seriously here in Japan. For example, the Sumida River Fireworks Festival (cancelled this year) boasts some 22,000 rockets and nearly a million spectators.

One summer night I was performing at a swanky shindig in a glass-walled hall in downtown Tokyo where, as I got on stage, I could see a fireworks display off in the distance behind the standing audience. I made the mistake of mentioning this to the crowd, and when the show started a minute later, every person in the room was facing the other way.

...Well, it's the dawn's early light, and the star-spangled banner yet waves, it's just that out there nothing is free any more, and no one is brave enough to go to the store because the prices are just to damn high!

" Kanye West just announced that he is running for president this year."

Lucky us. Now we have three outstanding choices.

...vote early & often!

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