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July 28, 2020


But we don’t want any comments. NO COMMENTS. Don’t make us turn this blog around.


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Are we there yet?

: (

Bueller? Bueller?






I have no comments. And regarding the photo you all have seen - I was only helping that sheep to get over the fence.

So if I use an interrogation point, this is a question, not a comment, n'est-ce pas?

This is not my comment! I've never seen this comment! I have no idea how this comment got in my _________ .


This isn't a comment. It's more like a question, maybe. Though it might be taken as a comment by some, depending on their feelings about things. I would urge everyone to keep an open mind, however, and not see it as a comment, even if it seems to be a comment at first glance. Anyway, I've forgotten what I was going to say, so never mind.


It's still Tuesday night, here, which is a statement, not a comment.

I'm sorry, but I'm not authorized to comment on this subject. Again, no comment. Thank-you & good-night. Have a nice blog.

Does anyone really know what time it is?

Did you say something Dave? I’m am currently have ear wax removal drops in my ear?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a comment.

For staticjoeage...


A poem for Dave.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Dave is a blogging
For a comment or two

Houses are green
Money is blue
You know where I live
How ‘bout some stew?

And now for something completely different...


This is not a comment. This is a semicomment.

Understanding is a myth
Knowledge is cue
Green houses are money
Can I live with you?

Does anyone else remember Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour?

The Farrell's Zoo was a huge bowl of ice cream and toppings supported by two long poles. The zoo was delivered to your table by a two members of Farrell's staff. There was a loud siren and a rotating light that announced to everyone there that another Farrell's Zoo had been delivered.

The Farrell’s Zoo, or Portland Zoo as it was originally called, contained a giant scoop each of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chip mint, peppermint, and spumoni ice cream to make the first layer. Orange, raspberry and lemon sherbet alternated with scoops of vanilla to create the second layer. Poured over the entire bowl were the following toppings: strawberry, chocolate, pineapple, butterscotch and blackberry. Three bananas were cut crosswise and spaced evenly around the bowl. A stripe of whipped cream decorated the edge of the bowl between each banana slice. Then rosettes of whipped cream were sprayed on top of each banana and topped with a plastic toy animal. The crowning touch were the chopped toasted almonds and cherries sprinkled generously over the whole bowl.

Here is an article with a photo of a Farrell's Zoo being carried to a table of future diabetics, I mean hungry customers.

Farrell's Zoo

I shall abide by The Barryhouse Rules and will make no comment about making any comments on Tuesday's no comment rule. But reserve the right to make comments on Wednesday's comments area where we usually make comments about other peoples comments.

Therefore, I make no comment!

Yes,we have no comments
we have no comments today
our lips are sealed forever
so we have nothing to say

yet when we go forth together
wild and wooly time we will crave
but what would we do without humor
what would we do without Dave?

Apples are oranges
Grapes are tang
Without Dave in our lives
Lives would be lame

(Reminds me of a soap opera)

Life is a soap
Dishes are spleen
Without Tuesday night comments
We’re mildew green!

@Marc - When I was a kid, the ultimate treat was to be invited to someone's birthday party at Farrell's. Their ice cream concoctions were out of this world.

@anthony stewart - *waves cell phone flashlight* Bravo! Bravissimo!

Use comet sense.

This is an answer, not a comment.

@Marc - Yes, I was at Farrell's in Portland celebrating my oldest cousin's birthday in the late '60s or early '70s when one of those was delivered to our table with great gusto. Over a microphone they would also announce the name and age of the person celebrating their birthday. Before the announcement, the man came over to our table and asked my cousin her age. I think it was 24 or 25. The man goes, in all seriousness, "Do you want me to say you're 22?" Unsurprisingly, my cousin was not at all amused. But the ice cream sure was good! Farrell's was THE place to be on your birthday.

It is my constitutional right to make a comment
and I'll make a comment if I wan___ -

Husky mama
In a boot
Where , not wear
In a drama shoot!

True Story. A gnat came out my ear. Rats!

Which reminds me... dirty politicians.

One man show? Two for the row?

On the road again? Diaper.

Which reminds me, is a short while back I was in a second hand store and bought a little cup thingy that reads on one side:
“Turn me around
& your wish for
Prince Charming
will be found”

Turn it and it says:

I keep it by above my meds on a shelf, and usually turn it when I take my meds (n p.m.)


This collection of words self-identifies as not-a-comment.

Tonight being no comments, I shall make no comment about making no comments.
This is not a comment. If this appears to anyone as a comment please seek medical attention. Because since tonight is no comments, this is NOT a comment even if it appears to be a real comment. A real comment would be a real comment so this not really a comment, just a hint of real comments to come. Please look for comments on some comment site that accepts comments, real or not.

Comment-allez vous?


Marc: I don't recall whether it was my 12th or 13th birthday that was celebrated at a Farrell's in San Jose, CA back in the early 70s. And yes, we ordered the Zoo. Unfortunately I can't "reclaim my time." That's all I can really comment on here.

Well, it's not Tuesday night here, anymore, so does that mean we are now free to comment? (Unfortunately, I have nothing to say in that regard).

A little bit of oregano goes a long way.

The Spice Girls are getting back together, but without Oregano.

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