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July 28, 2020


A jobless 46-year-old man has complained to Bhopal police that a tailor stitched his underwear too short and he deserves justice.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Man dresses left but still doesn't do the right thing. If the banana hanger don't fit, you must ajudicate. What if he tried going in the pool for a bit?

After taking off the too tight underwear, his attitude changed and the man has decided to let bygones be bygones and to purchase all future underwear off Amazon.

OK, time to re-tell this oldie: A man has terrible recurring headaches that he places near the very center of his forehead, which are so severe they cause him to stutter. After months of failed attempts to treat them with meds, an unending list of specialist, he is telling his travails to his taylor one day when the taylor blurts out: "Your underwear is too tight and that is why you stutter and your head hurts, but, this is not a problem a taylor can solve, only a penis reduction will stop the pain! You need a surgeon to shorten your manhood and cure your ills." Finally out of desperation, he schedules the surgery, and after a suitable recovery period he revisits the surgeon complaining that while the stuttering has ceased the pain has not, so can his missing manhood be reattached? The surgeon replies that if he has had severe pain in the very center of his forehead he needs to puchase underwear the next size up. "And what about the reattachment?" he implores his surgeon to which the surgeon replies:" T-T-TA-TA-Too late!"

The man "recently took a loan of Rs 1,000 from a friend and bought, among other essentials, 2 metres of cloth to stitch two pieces of underwear."

.. and that was not enough for the tailor? What about just going commando - that's fairly affordable right?

They don't sell packs of Hanes or Fruit Of The Loom underwear in India? In USD, Rs 1000 is about $13.00. He could probably buy a couple of packs for that.

If he takes his complaint to court, he'll have to prove there's insufficient space in the underwear. It'll give new meaning to the phrase "show trial".

"There ain't enough room in my Fruit of the Looms to hold all my love for you" was a top C&W song, according to Dave.
Perhaps if the plaintiff sang that in court, the judge would have mercy.

On the plus side, he can now sing soprano.

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