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July 29, 2020


Researchers Find Supergiant 'Sea Cockroach' With 14 Legs

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Did they discover who the legs belonged to?

We're gonna need more butter

It's only a matter of time before someone 'accidentally' gets it stuck up their wazoo.

All the researchers know about these critters so far is they can dance a mean la Cucaracha when they keep them out of water long enough.

Is it safe to assume that they taste like crab or more like lobster?

Are they attracted to bright light, like, say from a maglite?

It's just a Houston cockroach on vacation.

I'm not clicking on that link because I am eating lunch, and I am such a delicate flower (ahem).
All I can think of is the Edgar Bug in Men In Black. Go get 'im, Agent K!

I think they already have mated with ancient microbes.

God can't help us on this one.

I refuse to click that link. Not gonna do it.

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