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July 31, 2020


Our best hope, here in South Florida, is that the hurricane will blow the virus away.


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Didn't in Texas. Everyone cooped up inside didn't help.

I'm just blown away by the fact of there being violet Russians. I was aware that there are white Russians, but aren't most Russians considered to be red?

Yes, the hurricane will blow away the virus. But also brings on it’s winds locust and flying sharks.

If that is your best hope, well, good luck.

Let's hope Ron DeSantis does an Al Roker, walks out into the hurricane, and gets blown to Kingdom Come. Or Oz, whichever is further away.

@Jeff - Oz won’t help. He’s a politician, so he’ll be wearing red shoes, and be right back.

Now that 'Gone With The Wind' has been pretty much banned, will the hurricane respect being PC?

I remember a quote by Malaclypse the Younger that might be timely: "Tis an ill wind that blows no minds."

The Irish claim that you need not fear an ill wind if your haystacks are tied down. But Florida isn't in Ireland and doesn't have a lot of haystacks...so nevermind.

Just carry lots of rocks in your pockets and be safe!

Speaking of the Irish,
Did you know it was an Irishman who perfected outdoor seating?
His name was Patty O'Furniture.

Dave, don't forget to throw the patio furniture into the pool.

There really is a Paddy O Furniture company in Scottsdale, AZ. I bought my outdoor furniture from them while living in the area.


Stay safe, Dave, and anyone else in the hurricane's path.

Watch out for the Flying Sharks. I saw them open for the Byrds, and they basically ate the main act alive. All that was left by the end of the night was Roger McGuinn.

I also saw Flying Sharks open for the Flying Burrito Brothers, and by the end of the night, the only Burrito left was Gram Parsons. They were an impossible act to follow. Not even Elvis would perform after the Flying Sharks, whose lead singer, I hardly need remind you, was Roy Orbison.

You need this.

yeah we all wish the virus would just blow away and be gone. I will wave my magic wand for that. (ha)

North Carolina is also under a state of emergency because it may hit us on Tuesday. I hope everyone stays safe and the hurricane takes a sharp right back out to sea before it does any damage.

Don’t forget to throw your lawn furniture in the pool! And watch out for irate monkeys!

I would like to nominate Paddy O'Furniture & Mort Estes for SCJ should any vacancies occur during Dave's administration.

( Waves wand ) " Hurricaneblowawayvirusimus ! "

There. Now you have nothing to worry about except the crocodiles, bears, panthers, shady politicians and giant snakes.

You're welcome.

Sign of the times.

My understanding is that Dorothy was only able to visit the wizard with the aid of an ill wind (and nobody wants that) but Harry Potter had to catch a train, (so worse case scenario) my advice to you is don your wet suit, get the extended snorkle, and wait out the storm in comfort, sitting on your high-end patio furniture at the deep-end of the pool.

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