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July 24, 2020


Please keep your comments six feet apart.


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My comments don't have any feet.

(Q) What has six feet and is black & white & red? (A) I don't know either but it appears that they're all over tonight's open thread, and for all we know, they may be doing the polka.

Happiness is being truly offended . . . . . . I think I’ll stay put . . . . . . At least until i die . . . . . .nobody cares . . . . .

I am on vacation and it is Tiger Baseball tonight.

Let me think on this..

We now measure comments in feet.
Whiskey is shipped by the pound.
A river in Arizona oozes down a gully like The Blob that caused Steve McQueen grief in an old horror movie.
You can't go shopping unless you dress to rob a bank.
And all the bars are closed.

OK, problem solved by that great philosopher W.C. Fields

"Booze is the only answer." (even if you have to buy it by the pound)

BTW, this comment has now reached it's allotted limit.

How can pythons stay 6 feet apart? They don't have any feet.

Dear Truly shipwrecked,

"No man is an island."

We're here for you.

Attention residents of Miami: Keep six feet apart and during all future hurricanes remove your mask if you don't want to become a para-glider.

Mad - No man is an island... He's a peninsula. - Jefferson Airplane, "After Bathing at Baxter's"

17 divided by six is roughly 3 comments, & if each commentor has 2 feet, times three works out to about 6 feet, so it all checks out. So it just goes to show, that like all great authors, Dave has done his research.

I enjoyed the Remainders video, but was sorry to not see Al Kooper in the mix.

Dave B.: "I was really and truly in a band with Al Kooper, and that he was actually asking for my opinion on musical issues. 'Do you think,' he would ask, 'that you could play in the same key as the rest of us?' "

An early Dave column about the formation of the band:


Theresa - Yes! MLB Opening Day! In late July! The crack of the bat, the slap of fastballs hitting catcher's mitts, the roar of the ... well, I read that the crowd noise will be generated artificially since there are no fans in the stands. But apparently some fans can input votes for applause, cheers, boos, etc. My Astros were hoping to avoid the inevitable jeers about their sign stealing fiasco, but maybe not ... Ah, well, Verlander is pitching, with an ERA of about 2.5 in his several years with the Astros. Not bad for an old guy ...

Thanks, I’ll name a small rock after you Johnny :)


These guys were ahead of their time... just need to add covid masks!


These guys make good music.

Why does everybody want to defund them?


Takes his shirt off &* smiles? I don’t know, I like the one in the middle at the end.

One more Friday night jam courtesy of the DBB...


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