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July 24, 2020


...she's not like other women.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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If there are many Florida women like Amy The Python Catcher, I believe that any sane Florida Man would say, "Yes dear" or "yes Ma'am" a lot and never even think about messing one of them around.

To catch one you cannot move like one. Beware how they move when they are little, ie, they love big dirt

When I grow up.... I want to be like my loving Savior. Did I say loving? I know I said Savior.

She can catch my python.

Rimshot and a 5* snork for Steverino!

Does anyone know if pythons are happy drunks or mean drunks & how many gallons of whiskey amounts to 110 pounds, and would it be enough whiskey to kill a 17foot- 3inch python?

Nice boots!

What the heck do you do with a 110-lb snake once you’ve caught it? I’d imagine it’s idea of a light snack would be a whole sow.

All-in-all, I prefer Monty.

Math-Yoda -- Well, you start by naming it Eric, and then you go to the pet store and try to buy a snake license from a guy named Eric, who calls you a loony, which insult you firmly deny, and to prove it you show him your cat license with the word dog crossed out and the word cat written in crayon and....

Boots, belt, lots of things can be made out of a 17 foot python.

Damn Right!

It probably tastes like chicken.

It probably thinks we taste like chicken.

" Snakes... It had to be snakes "

That’s what he said..

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