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July 31, 2020


The 63-year-old patient, known as Mr Wang, said he heard a bang coming from inside his body before realising something 'had exploded'.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Looks like I picked the wrong day to have Chinese dumplings.

Did the gerbil survive, and does his maglite still function?

I’m glad no one is making fun of his name.

The patient is lucky he didn't have his big meal at Taco bell.

Two comments:

1) I only though the eating so much that you exploded was only done in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.

2) No wonder. One Ton soup is the heaviest soup in the world.

"...had suffered from bowel obstruction for over a year..., ...3,000 mililiters of faeces and liquid...,...1.2 inch-wide hole in his transverse colon...". I'm most bothered by the mixing of metric and Imperial measure, but 3 liters of poop in your abdomens sounds more impressive than 0.660 Imperial gallons.

Being in a restaurant when a big Wang explodes would cause a lot of people to swear off those noodles.

Anyone here ever google "when a big wang explodes, oodles of noodles"?

Oh great... One more thing to worry about.

Shoddy journalism. After all that they couldn't determine which kind of blockage the poor Wang had...

There are two types of obstruction - mechanical and functional obstruction. It remains unknown which kind Mr Wang had.

He had a lot of guts.

5* Snork@ Pirate Boy!

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