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July 31, 2020


Today is National Orgasm Day.

(Thanks to Allen at Division and pharmaross)


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Isn't every day?

It is also National Avocado Day.

Combine them or otherwise.

Not to be confused with:"Global Orgasm Day has no connection to either International Female Orgasm Day or National Orgasm Day" Although it isn't stated here, not only should National Avacado Day not be confused with National Prickly Pear Day, I don't believe it's meant to be a euphemism, as far as I know.

What kind of organism are we talking about? Aerobic or anaerobic? Does this have anything to do with the Coronavirus?

So, how's your's going?

To Gasm, or not to gasm...

You know what to do, as they say ;)

I wonder how many celebrate when it falls on a Monday?

Most museums are closed on Mondays, so we all know how much that crowd likes to party.

Oh, God, Oh God, Oh God.....

'Scuse me while I whip this out.

It's also national avocado day. This means something.

I wonder which senator/congressman presented this resolution ?

Note that Female Orgasm Day occurs on August 8. Naturally the men reach orgasm about a week sooner.

It's just another day when the guy can't find that elusive "G" spot.

I cant celebrate it yet, as I don't get off until five.

Does that leave the first four feeling unfulfilled?

You’d think this event would coincide with the celebration.

Beat it!

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