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July 29, 2020


Case of Belgian woman who thought she was a chicken linked to depression

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Nothing was incredibly involved other than the funeral of a family member. Yeah, I guess that would be embarrassing. Somebody needs to visit that
poor woman and keep her socialized.

The woman had many problems just seeing a psychiatrist.

First, she had to find a mask that would keep her safe from chicken pox.

Then she went into a panic when the first road she had to cross had a KFC on the other side.

The second road had a Chick-Fil-A

Then there was a Church's Chicken...

Finally,egged on by desperation, she scratched up cab money,kept her eyes shut and went where no chicken had gone before and got her brain unscrambled.

Any one remember Howie Mandel's bit about his mother having gone to a magic show & being hypnotised to think she was a chicken? When his friends would visit, his mother would ask them if they wanted eggs for breakfast. When they replied in the affirmtive, she would immediately squat on the kitchen floor and start to strain like she was trying to lay an egg.

"Patients have reported believing they are a dog, lion, tiger, hyena, shark, crocodile, frog, bovine, cat, goose, rhinoceros, rabbit, horse, snake, bird, wild boar, gerbil and a bee." Must be exhausting!

Le Petomane, at least now we know why she crossed the road.

Of course it was linked to depression. Who wouldn't be depressed when they realized they were a chicken?


@The Real Barry .. "gerbil" ..
"Friends and family had their worst suspicions confirmed when Harry spent $15K to construct a giant exercise wheel and get a brightly coloured tunnel system installed in his backyard."

Gerbil you say? Keep him away fron the maglite guys!

.. that, and the 6 cubic yards of cedar shavings delivered to his driveway.

Sounds like a species-change operation is in the works.

This would explain the Playboy Bunnies.

This sheds new light on my thesis: Nebuchadnezzar, the Bovine Years.

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