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July 25, 2020


A woman told St. Lucie County sheriff’s deputies she forgot about a drug pipe that an X-ray apparently determined was in her anus, an affidavit states.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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"apparent crack pipe"


This source appears to be a nearly untapped well of links to an untold number of blog worthy personal trgedies. Now I'm starting to wonder where my plumber keeps his monkey wrenches.

The Roswell, New Mexico aliens have always claimed many odd things happen on Uranus.

"So that's where I left it! Thanks, Ociffer!"

Aye - she 'ad a little turtle head pokin' out, eh?

That’s not where that goes!

Hey, it happens. Ask nursecindy about some of the excuses she's heard.

Also, she probably can never remember where she left her car keys.

RE: fusilli Jerry et. al.:"It was a once in-a-million shot, Doc!"

Nobody can accuse the deputies of lax enforcement.

Wouldn't it be out of their jurisdication if they were working LAX?

That's why they call them crack pipes.

"Sequestered in her hindquarters" is a most elegant turn of phrase. I'll have to remember that the next time I can't find my reading glasses.

Wonder what else was down there ? Maybe an ELLE magazine from 1979 ?

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