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July 28, 2020


Woman used bra to try to restrain victim during thwarted burglary attempt

(Thanks to Allen at Division and John Lobert)


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Why is it we now know so much less than before we read this article?

Well, it *is* a restraining device....

Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, issued this statement forbidding the use of one."

"Free the nipple, but restraining any protester with a peaceful nipple will not be tolerated, even a Federal nipple."

Federal Nipple opened for Federal Duck at Confusion Fest '65.

Federal Nipple opened for Federal Duck where, it has been rumored, something resembling 'music' was heard.

I plan on doing a Youtube search in hopes of finding a few tracks off of this.

Her own bra?

I think there was an old bra ad that said, "I dreamed I robbed a house with my Maidenform bra". I could be wrong.

If it was a training bra the perp should be charged with a misdemeanor.

The uplifting story of the day!

And the police said to the perp as they hauled him away "busted!"

Only In Pennsylvania

Afterwards, I'm sure she gave a falsy-fied statement to the police.

Hopefully the thieves didn't make off with the breakfast pasties when they were "rummaging through the kitchen."

Was it an underwire? That could be considered lethal.

This is the kind of story that gives one hope in the crazy world.

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