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July 12, 2020


Delaware pizza store owner foils robbery by throwing pie at suspect, cops say

(Thanks to Le Petomane and John Lobert)


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Never take a machete to a pizza fight, especially when the pies come with an extra topping of kick-arse. Fire when ready, Gridley!

If he'd thrown a pie like my Jr. High Caf. used to make, he'd have killed the guy.

Curly would have thrown a real pie. Just sayin'.

The way things are going, battle pizzas are going to become popular out of necessity.

(Battle pizzas are not available with pineapple)

But did he throw it Curly-style, i.e., flat to the face, or Oddjob style, i.e., frisbee decapitation mode? Shoddy reporting.

"I guess it didn't happen in what you might call....an upper-crust neighborhood."

I stole this from the article comments. Sorry.

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