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July 14, 2020


Today we visited Longwood Gardens, a famous botanical garden in Pennsylvania. This turned out to be a very exciting day there, because Sprout, a corpse flower -- which gets its name because it smells terrible, like rotting meat -- was in bloom. This is a rare event, and there was a long line -- a four-hour wait -- to see Sprout, who is a major celebrity, like Mick Jagger.


We did not wait in this line; if we want to smell rotting meat, we will simply open our refrigerator when we get home. Instead we walked around and enjoyed the gardens, which are lovely. But if you would like to see Sprout (who does, in fact, look a little like Mick Jagger) you can see him (or her, we are not presuming) in action on the livestream stinky cam.

Or you can use the comments section for an open thread if you want. It's a free country! Although masks are mandatory.

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