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June 26, 2020



(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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Barges? I don't need no steenkin' barges!

Current high bid for the lot is less than $4,000. C'mon, folks, don't let these get away!

Well, pardon me for barging in on this thread, but it seems likely that Judy was indeed fired for reasons beyond her control and is now inflicting her retrobution on this blog, when her efforts would be so much more effective were she to focus them upon those in the administration whose fool-hardy decisions resulted in her untimely dismissal.

There's a little bit of a storage issue, but you can create Barge of the Month Club to show someone how you truly feel about them

60 year-old leaky barges being sold for scrap. Or maybe as part of the Wall along California's Pacific Coast, once the one on the Mexican land border is finished.

@Wanderer2575--When you add $100,000 for shipping and handling, it might not be a good deal.

Well, if you move it out into the ocean, claim it as an independent state and declare war against the United States. Then immediately surrender and ask for reparations--Never mind. I remember how that movie turned out.

Maybe take Jeff's good advice and realize you don't need no stinkin' barge would be best

Great, it's too late for Father's Day this year!

Waiting for the Buy It Now price.

Like we need anything else in this country that's full of garbage.

I can see why they're taking your temperature before accepting on-site bids.

you may need more towboats, or tugboats as some call them

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