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June 30, 2020


Photos of ‘human-sized’ bat from Philippines blow up the Internet

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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All previous theories about Philippine residing bats are in Da Doilet.

If ever there was a thread that deserved to be closed...or perhaps that's just a lot of bat soup crazy?

Geez, Bruce Wayne hangs his costume on a clothesline to dry, and everyone goes nuts.

We will have a better chance to observe these creatures after they migrate to Florida.

Where are all the angry mobs that want to burn your house to the ground when you need them most?

Not nearly as scary as that flying snake.

The long lost Bela outtake from Plan 9.

Sage advice not to "get scared of bats n sh!t"

Dracula has been found.

Quarter-sized fruit bats are common this year.

DO you suppose they could be trained to eat the murder hornets?
Might make 2020 worthwhile.

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