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June 29, 2020


Scientists discover spider wearing 'Joker' makeup, name it after Joaquin Phoenix

(Thanks to Ralph)


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MnU6p3sGSw look'n for luv in all the wrong places?

I'll inform the Roswell aliens where they can find that spider they have been looking for. We should all hope it doesn't bite anyone before they recapture it.

Well if that spider is like the joker was in the movie....half of Gotham should be dead. It looks fierce.

I've spent a bit of my morning researching the author of this article. I'm left with what I have concluded, in a weird way, being on the verge of becoming 'a fan' reading the many science related articles she has floating around out there.

Have a nice day.

Ralph - I want to remind you my girlfriend when I was sixteen made $3.625 million last year and to please not send the blog any more articles authored by Mindy - She's mine. I don't plan on dumping her and making a mistake like that again.

That spider looks radioactive. Be careful around those things, if they bite you, every villain in the universe will become your problem.

Bats eat spiders, so this guy doesn't stand a chance against Bruce Wayne.

I never knew there were spiders named after Lou Reed.

Still pretty lurid, when you stop to tink about it.

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