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June 25, 2020


A Hillsborough woman is suing her neighbor for a goat paternity test

(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert and Doug Ogg)


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"Kids" I get it. Heh.

Without any pictures of the goat in fishnets, no mention of a blue dress, this'll be thrown out of court on the grounds that the Nigerian Princes have jurisdictional precedence, and therefore diplomatic immunuty.

Who ya gonna call? Goatsbusters.

Paging Jim Breuer


Did the HOA approve the goats?

Those Dukes need to keep Uncle Jesse on a leash.

She better be careful. That paternity test might reveal the father is human.

You have goat to be kidding me. That goat can't pay kid support. Beside, that goat is so lazy we call him Billy Idle.
Your demands for a paternity test just gets my goat,

This would be the greatest episode of Judge Judy EVAH!

Here I thought the report would be about a scruffy, unregistered billy goat of uncertain lineage jumping into the pasture with pedigreed nannies. It sure seems like scrub bulls are better fence jumpers than coddled, pedigreed ones and beat the fancy bulls to the receptive cows IYKWIM.

The Kids are Alright.

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