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June 28, 2020


Florida man carrying nearly 500 grams of weed tries to steal plane to meet girlfriend

(Thanks to Andrew MacIntyre)


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Good morning Dave.

Just another story about a Florida entrpreneuer trying to make it big, who gets entangled, or in the words of Shakespeare: "hoist with his own petard". ..and ya, mornin' Big D!

Obviously he could get it high enough...

In addition to Harrison Ford, Al Quaeda announced Stienstra was being added to their No Fly Zone.

"Does anyone know how to fly this plane?"

Is it morning yet? Which day of the week? Are we really in Kansas?

The answer to all those questions is either yes or no, so which do you prefer?

Man, I just want to know where he scored that weed.

It's Florida, so beach-combing?

There's probably a YouTube video he could use from his phone.

Oh, he left his phone behind in the stolen car.

"A glass pipe was also found and tested positive for methamphetamine"

Meth is a helluva drug.

Don't mess with TX & do meth in FL?

The way to fly a plane, when you don't have any formal instruction or pilot's license, is to do it very carefully.

Flying the plane is a concern, but I’d be more worried about how to stop flying it.

...as in: "it wasn't the fall that killed him, it was the sudden stop"?


When I was in Alaska, we were refueling the helicopter when two lady tourists walked over and started studying our BellJet. Our pilot asked them if they had any questions.
One lady asked, "Do aircraft like this crash very often?"

The pilot never hesitated. "No ma'am. They generally crash just once."

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