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June 25, 2020


NASA Calls For Space Toilet That Can Handle “500g of Diarrhea”

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, who says "One giant dump for mankind.")


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How much is that in liquid volume?

They'd better not let any of them read the Times editorial page then.

That's only a little over a pound. That won't suffice if the crew does Taco Tuesdays between orbits.

What does the NASA toilet operators manual say about 510 grams of diarrhea?

Wait...since the material in question would be some degree denser than plain water, you're talking about less than 500 ml of volume. 500 ml is about a pint. NASA apparently doesn't understand just how diarrhea works.

Really shitty article.

Somehow I've gone most of my life without having to worry about Space Dumping...do we really need to think about Scotty screaming "I haven't got the power!" in THIS context?

What would "Elon & the Space Sharts" be a good name for?

As a practitioner of the Metformin arts, I'm pretty sure that 500 mil-anything would be way understating the problem.

My brother saw 500 G of Diarrhea at Woodstock.

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