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June 27, 2020



(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Surprised the kittens didn't go after the paws.

No. The most depraved animal is the chipmunk. The chipmunks work with the squirrels to steal food (cat, bird, doesn't matter).

Three weeks. Traps. Exterminators. An strobe light installed in the attic. And yet the damn raccoon STILL gets into the attic.

But I've found where he gets in. What I don't know is if I close it up, am I trapping him in my attic, where he'd likely go nuts and destroy everything. If the critter is that smart, why doesn't he know that all I'll do is if I catch him is just let him go? Many miles away.

You think that's bad? The little masked bastards were drinking from my hummingbird feeders ubtil I repositioned them. Then I thought they were seeking retrobution by virtually destroying all my bird feeders, but as it turns out, I was falsely accusing them for I discovered the really maliscious damage was being perpetrated by a black bear & her three cubs, so it could be worse.

Do NOT let cats feed with raccoons. Raccoons carry a disease that can kill them.

And Raccoon Roundworm can also cause severe illness in humans.

There is no cure, and no vaccine.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Beavers cause far more trouble than squirrels, or raccoons.

Agreed! (But don't ignore the camel toe!)

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