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June 30, 2020


R.I.P., Carl Reiner.


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RIP! He was one of the good ones for sure.

A legend.

Carl Reiner was a national treasure and a comic genius. Sad day for sure. One of my treasures is a copy of the 2,000 Year Old Man in the Year 2,000. The copy is autographed by Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks.

R.I.P., Carl. Thank you for all the laughs! Your comic genius is one for the ages. You made the world a better place.

Yes, indeed.

Just yesterday I was reading a wiki article about Mell Brooks (on his birthday), and how both of them collaborated on many innovative comedy projects. He was a funny man.

I always loved listening to him accost Richard Deacon...."SHUT UP MEL..."

I remember the story of his casting the role of Rob Petrie's wife. In the middle of Mary Tyler Moore's audition, he walked over to her, put his hand on her head, steered her out the door and down the hall and into executive producer Sheldon Leonard's office, and said "Sheldon, I found her."

He was also great in the Ocean's Eleven trilogy.
DANNY OCEAN (George Clooney): Saul, you sure you're ready for this?
SAUL BLOOM (Carl Reiner): If you ever ask me that question again, DANiel, you will not wake up the following morning.

And, of course, what should be an epitaph for us all:
SAUL BLOOM: "I want the last check I write to bounce."

R.I.P. Mr. Reiner.

He was great as Saul Bloom in the "Oceans" movies.

You're all aces in my book, but I want the last check I write to bounce.

So it goes.

Carl Reiner! We geezers recall when comedians were funny.

I'm just gonna grab some chips, some beer, and any bandanas that haven't been cut up into masks yet. I'll start with "Your Show of Shows" andd binge from there.

RIP you gifted, funny man.

Prayers for Mel B. Who will he watch Jeopardy with now?

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