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June 29, 2020


Post ‘em if you got ‘em.

We’re thinking about discontinuing the open threads. Does anybody feel strongly about this?


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If the open threads go away, naturally we'll expect our yearly subscription fee to be lowered proportionally.

Personally, I've never seen a "closed thread" in this blog, so I'm a bit confused. What would that mean? Judy would execute anyone off-topic?

Open Threads must stay!

After reading the article on butt trumpets, maybe we could explore
Guys in Action. Or guys in kilts.

nursecindy: what do you think?

Open threads definitely fill a much-needed gap.

WWWWWHHHYY!!!!! Oh, the humanity!

How about a bit longer because of the lockdowns that are still in place?

I've consulted various professionals, includign my astrologer, and we all agree it might be best if you stop thinking, so (POOF!)

Maybe have them just once or twice a week; daily is quite a load on us readers/commenters.

It's times like this when an emoji for "butt-tuba" is sorely missed!

I feel more violated than if the blog had gained access to my toothbrush.

cfjk - why?

Look in the mirror, dude.

We'll if I was banned in order to promote the "common good" it would be a sacrifice I would only be to honored to make. Just think how hot that would look on my resume. Banned by Mr. Blog for being ( )whatever, just fill in the blank.

-- and Judi, please don't execute me. I'd like to blame autocorrect, but it was just haste.

...and Jeffy, just to let you know, I NEVER look in the mirror as I find that grumpy looking Q-tip staring back at me quite intimidating. You just wait & see!

Sorry, Jeffy, I just reread my comment & can see how that might be interpreted as a bit threatening. What I was attempting to communicate is that some day, far in the future when when you look in the mirror, if you're lucky, you too, will most likely see a grumpy, Q-Tip staring back at you, too.

Sadly this thread is the highlight of my morning
without it I would have nothing to do after breakfast except join Pinky and the Brain in trying to rule the world.

To close the threads or not to close the threads
that is the question
'tis better to wonder the foggy halls and valleys of aimless humor or plunge ahead along imaginary guidelines that are easily swayed
it be true we all seek the elusive blog nirvana
that in stark reality is a chimera sitting on a beer keg
locked doors on bars and throngs of masked citizens
have our brain cells swimming as if in molasses
waist sizes are expanding faster than intellect
yet we are asked to close the threads
or open them to the whims and fancies of
intellects who often have difficulty remembering
what they had for breakfast
in the immortal words of the philosopher WC Fields
booze is the only answer

In regards to possibly closing the blog, I must say, ^qa/aAE$%'ija3476w tgKLJ AV;e r5AWETQ#AWE HF&WBYESRHFG @&$ET 435tyw6e3QWUJ wj4i2Y389SDfG43JKgBb wNK 1JP2Iohem qosfdhugrq3a4sjo[ ;23wepro sdrjhgoiu.

And I mean very word of that!

Was it something I said?

The open threads will drive me to drink.

As if I needed an excuse.

Wait; Don't close it until after I
report this important item:

Medical science showed us you can get aids from sex.
Bill Clinton showed us you can get sex from aides.

I know it's old but it's....

I agree with MOTW. More kilts! As for the open thread..
I agree with Jeff not Jeffy Meyerson.

it was a term of endearment, sorry

If we each agree to wear a mask, only a mask, can we keep the open thread going?

Dang, I KNEW I should have been using Palmolive Gold.

Le Petomane, that was magnificent!

Unless there is a cost to the open threads, I would keep them. It keeps at least some Denizens of the Blog off the streets.

The threads bring out the finest blog folk.

Open or closed.

Keep them.


Says guy posting his first post.

I agree with Robert Pert, Keep them. I have a lot of fun here on Katy Perry's open blog each night. Before long, this open blog of her's is gonna catch fire and and even Dave Barry will be like, Firework Baby!, and open up his blog.

I wanna feel, yeah. This being Katie' open thread can I just mention, Bobby Goldsboro.

If you close the threads, what will Man Tom and cfjk do with all that free time (and free association)?
I kid of course.

Regarding my well spent free time, I'll have you know...

Discontinue the open thread???

The aliens are attempting to take over the Blog's brain.

You do all realize it was the squirrels who posted the suggestion in the first place, right?

This is “literally’ the only way we can express ourselves. As Michael Corleone said, “”If you do this. . . I will be disappointed.”

I feel strongly both ways.

I feel strong, too, although I realize odor isn't everything.

@Chris Zell - Welcome to the wacky world of BlogFolk posters! We're glad to have you on board. Please let us know if you wish qualify for a seat on the Geezer Bus.

I feel like Linus being told he has to give up his security blanket.

@wanderer2575--Hopefully it's just in the wash and will soon come back to us, all warm and toasty from the dryer.

@Dr. Freud--I kid you not. Free association has nothing to do with your mommy complex. Bloggers will blog what they want to blog without you bringing your mommy into the blog. Try giving mommy free association to your blog and you will agree with my theories on psychiatric development. And I'm sorry the top dip fell off your ice cream cone. man tom and cfjk are doing just fine.

The open threads tend to be a bit drafty. Or droughty, if you are British. So, closed threads are preferable, especially in the winter. Let’s keep the threads open until Indian Summer (oops! Unpolitically uncorrect) until First Nations Summer is over, then tighten them up. Maybe even get fur lined ones for mid winter.

If you watch one 'greatest entrance ever' video today, or frankly ever, watch this one.

I feel like this several times a day most days. Really.

...and now every time I take a rorschach test all I can see are squirrels eating peaches, (plus they're not wearing masks & and they're laughing at me) ...still hard to believs Chris Farley lived to the ripe old age of 33.

...so picture that scene from a movie where Marilyn Monroe is standing above an air grate and her skirt is blown asunder, to which a rather distinguised British gentleman responds: "'Tis a wee bit 'airy out tonight, is it not, miss?" Her impudent reply? "What the hell did you expect, FEATHERS!?!"

If the open thread is closed you might checkout:

Since this may be the last open thread, and it seems to be devolving into: ("I'm going to miss, all-Yawl, but before we part there's just this one thing I want to tell you...") messages. ...Clankie, Doug Vogt, of the Diehold Foundation claims that tha expiration date on that mammoth meat in your freezer is the Fall of the year 2046. Au revoir & Aloha.

.. and don't be concerned about those draughty open threads, I've been told the Scandnvians have a saying to which: "There is no inclement weather, there are only inadequate layers of attire".

Oooh! Cindy used bold AND italics and didn't break the blog! Blog tech has improved a lot (or at least the commenters). Times, they are a-changing...

Bravo, Le Petomane!

Does anybody feel strongly about this?

Dave, I thought you'd never ask!

Feelings ♪ .. Nothing more than Feelings ..

(((Allen at Division)))

RIP Carl Reiner 1922-2020

It goes without saying (;) that your blog is the only thing still standing between us and total national chaos.
It's the "Flathead County" of the internet.
It's the only blog with a valid FL license.
It's etc...
The overnight open thread is essential to our country's mental health.
Don't even taunt us with the thought of ending it.

Re: continuing Open Threads

My vote is for whatever is easiest for The Blog.

Okay, I don't think Dave proposed closing the blog itself. He was talking about removing the daily "Open Thread". Somehow this wildfire took off. Considering the regular posts will live on, and the fact that many of us have ADD, I don't think the forum for random, unrelated comments will be going anywhere.

...since it never really has gone anywhere, it seems quite logical that it never will, (said the guy who got crushed by that humongous boulder), but ya, I tend to concur. (I not only have DAA, but I'm alos dyslexic & afflicted with CRS).

Well said fellow threaders. I’ve been compliant with quarantine and might leap from the roof without this outlet. My wife caught me talking to a mirror because I think that guy has good ideas. I told her the lines in his face mark him as a sage. Fortunately, my neighbor who is not isolating leaves beer in my garage.

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