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June 24, 2020


Thai vets perform mass sterilization as hungry monkeys terrorize tourist city

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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In unrelated news, "Jungle Oysters" have recently been added to the menus of several nearby restaurants.

I imagine that nothing would distract your attention from having an empty stomach any more than having you balls cut off, except if then they tried to feed them to you. Perhaps they could just install fans on every street corner as in:"..and they're off!" said the monkey as he backed into the fan, although, I believe, it's Korea where they put timers on fans to prevent something defined as "fan-death" which is how suicide is denied in the official death reports.

I'm confused. The issue is a large population of dependent city monkeys are starving due to lack of tourists who are supposed to feed them. I get that sterilization will prevent the population from growing, but dang .. they're going to sterilize them and then put them back on the street to continue starving?
It seems to me that euthanizing a percentage of the current population would prevent suffering from starvation.

"I"m confused" the first step is by so admitting so you've already begun your recovery, and welcome to the club.

"No man, I don't want my buri lopped."

A typical example of learning from history. In the 19th century when husbands complained that their wives were unreasonable and hysterical the doctors had a 'cure'.

And let that be a lesson to us all.

Send the team to the park in Ocala, FL. The trees are full of the little devils. When I was a student we had to test monkeys in a zoo for a particular virus. I haven’t touched one since.

I have been informed these monkeys form gangs. The city monkey gangs fight with the country monkey gangs. Besides all this continual bickering, the monkeys are considers God's diciples.

Mass castration. There should be some projected implementation studies immediately placed in the works

The Lopburi Monkees, Peter, Davey, Mike and Saul, opened for Nirvana.

Now we know why The Monkees never never toured in Thailand.

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