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June 26, 2020


According to witnesses and a police report, the woman performed a spiritual ritual on a dead opossum in the road, then pulled out a Green Bay Packers lawn chair from her vehicle and urged the animal to “repent."

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Well, it looks like Judy has almost hit rock-bottom, but turning her into a Packers fan? I'm sorry, Dave, but some indiscretions cannot be forgiven.

the woman got out of her vehicle, opened the passenger door and threw goldfish and windshield wiper fluid on the possum

Always keep a supply in your vehicle.

Throwing goldfish and windshield washing fluid on a road opossum to see if it's really dead or simply playing opossum is understandable. Pulling out a lawn chair and preaching to it when you know it's actually dead is just going to attract attention from some nice people in uniforms who will believe the cheese has slid off your cracker.

That was *NOT* an official Packers lawn chair, and it wasn't even the right shade for Packers green. Fake news!

Go Pack Go, and for fans of The Manitowoc Minute, F.D.B.

I agree with Allen. Go away, Pack

Carolina Panthers fans did this kind of stuff until Cam Newton assisted them one night and ended up getting hurt.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To prove to the 'possum that it could be done.

I have a good friend in Waukesha. I don't suppose that she... naaah.

It must take her quite awhile to go places. I suspect there are a lot of dead mammals on the highways of WS.

What should Lions fans do?

Maybe Lions fans should try to cross the road?

To be fair, dead possums are an unusually large demographic group among Vikings fans.

Despite countless attempts I have never been able to convince a possum to repent.
Only occasionally do they even demonstrate guilty feelings.

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