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June 26, 2020


Sex addict sues Amazon-owned video platform Twitch for $25million because it has 'too many scantily clad gamers' that left him excited and he 'injured himself'

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Kudos to NC on the dangers of glitter, it looks like we can all agree that she must have seen this coming. Does anyone know if "nursecindy" is also her gamer handle?

My thimble of sympathy runneth over.

Well, if he could have worn a thimble, I really don't see what the big deal is here.

To prevent further injury, send sex addict Eric to Lopburi.

I'm confused. How can he watch gamers if he already went blind?

Maybe he listens for the balls to drop?

Sexual excitement shouldn't be left to amateurs.

Geezer Bus Alert:
There's a town I know
Where the hipsters go
Called Bedrock!

When you get an itch
Then you do the Twitch
In Bedrock!
(Twitch Twitch)
Oh the twitchin's fine
Have yourself a good time
In Bedrock!
(Twitch Twitch)
It's a swingin' town
So I'll see you down
In Bedrock!
(Twitch Twitch)

Front of the bus pass to the first person to correctly identify the name of the "guest star" who sang this.

The world expects all of us to learn to avoid "injuries" like these fairly early in life.

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