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June 25, 2020


A boater at Indiana's Cedar Lake accidentally hit the home run of bad days, partially sinking a pricey Parvati wakeboat, then sinking a customized Wrangler when he tried to save the Parvati, then sinking a Ford F-150 Raptor when he tried to save the Jeep and the boat.

(Thanks to klezmerphan)

This blog used to have a boat. Now this blog has friends who have boats. It's much better.


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Best reader comment with the story: "Instead of buying a boat, just get in the shower with shorts and deck shoes and start tearing up hundred dollar bills."

boat defn: a hole in the water into which you pour money ...No doubt an update to that story wull read :"the Jeep used to belong to his ex-wife" ...and of course the obligatory "What is the second happiest day in any boat owner"s Life?" (A) day he buys his boat. (Q) What is THE happiest day in a boat owner"s life? (Q) The day he sells his boat.

In Indiana you can cedar lake, and in Iowa you can cedar rapids

We're gonna need A LOT MORE duct tape!

In my 60 years of experience with boats, my observation has been that with rare exception, the price of the boat has an inverse relationship to the competence of the owner.

This guy would appear to confirm that.

Incidents like this are so common on Flathead Lake, they never make the news.

Now we know why they call the place where you put the boat in the water a 'slip'

JG, it's because you're supposed to slip the boat into it. Meaning of course that for many people, it should be called a "crash".

Hey, this is 2020...if we don't have video, it didn't happen. In addition, this is Yahoo "News." ... Enough said.

And yet nobody from the editorial team at Yahoo to the Herald staff noticed that PAVATI builds expensive wake boats while PARVATI is the Hindu goddess of fertility. Spellcheck only can do so much.

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