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June 05, 2020


Tonight's theme is: Bad fashion looks. Of course fashion is subjective; nobody can declare that a particular look is "good" or "bad." No, wait, we take that back. Having sideburns that connect to a mustache but not to a beard is a bad look. Also knee socks with sandals. Also anything promoted as the next thing in men's fashion. Feel free to add to this list. Do not hold back. Everything is fair game! Except blue shirts.    


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A man wearing a tank top with anything.

When I lived in Galveston, I once saw a guy on the seawall that looked like this:

Rail thin, probably in his 60s and with the weathered look of a rancher, no shirt, plaid Bermuda shorts, mangled straw cowboy hat, well-worn cowboy boots. Somewhere I actually have a photo of this, as I found it amusing.

On another occasion I saw a guy at a bank downtown, probably about 30, wearing a hot pink shirt, hot pink shoes, purple pants, purple headband, and carrying a purple purse. Thankfully, I do not have a photo of this.

Call it bad now, but sure to be a big time fashion trend in the near future with the ladies. Mrs. Man Tom has purchased this piece of apparel to wear shopping this evening. Notice you wear your face mask underneath the built in face mask fabric panel in front. Also, if you see a deer you feel fully prepared to bag it. My wife looks very attractive in this. I will probably wear my hard hat and face shield tonight and look equally attractive. When we go grocery shopping it's not like when you go grocery shopping.

Pants on anyone except plumbers that display plumbers' butt. Fortunately, the 'no-rise' jeans seem to have disappeared for now but were an unpleasant sight in a grocery store. Also, platform shoes on anyone.

She bought the Khaki. I may get the equally attractive, fashionable green one.

I couldn't help it; I clicked the fashion show link. Geez, I thought *I* looked bad getting out of bed in the morning.

Ripped clothing, especially when you paid for it to come that way.

Wearing flip flops anywhere but the beach. No, even the beach. (Remember when we used to call them "thongs"?)

Cargo shorts are useful and comfy.

Dave, I think you should try a Borat Mankini


The words 'men' and 'fashion 'should never appear in the same sentence, (with this one exception): .. men are to fashion as (blank) is to (blank) ...Hopefully, someone, somewhere, somehow will figure out how to fill in those blanks.

I don't understand the trend of women's shirts and blouses having sleeves, but with cut-out parts showing the shoulders. It looks ridiculous.

The only people who should wear any of those men "fashions" should be the ones on their way to a costume party. They'd better hope the other guests have a good sense of humor.
Another bad fashion choice is anyone who thinks it's cool to wear shorts and tank tops when there's snow on the ground or the temperature is below 60 degrees. IMHO, the only people who should wear jeggings are pre-pubescent girls. I feel the same way about any skin tight clothing. When my daughter was about six years old we went to the grocery store and saw a woman in a neon pink t-shirt. She had love handles all around her body and my daughter asked me why that woman was wearing a hula hoop under her shirt. Definitely not a good look.

We all need to do better with hats. Ball caps are not hats, by the way, and should be worn only when playing ball with the bill facing forward. But I'm talking hats here: fedoras, racing caps, berets. Top hats. Pith helmets. Stovepipe, anyone?

I have never.

@Craig Magee - Very pithy insights!

I hope this is no longer a thing, but students, a lot of them, used to show up for class in pajamas. No, I never asked why.

Speaking of sideburns...

I tried to make mine even. I ended up with a Mohawk.

The 1970s.

I want to know it its 1 Mouse and 2 Mice why isn't it 1 Blouse and 2 Blice?

Platform Crocs. Ugly, yes. Did you know Crocs float? Now you can color coordinate your pool noodle chapeau with matching Crocs. Flotation devices and social distancing while looking fabulous.

Zoom meeting tip: If you angle your webcam so it's pointing directly at a window, no one can tell what you're wearing because of the backlighting. Bonus: You can also have dirty hair.

We need dress codes. No one should ever be sentenced to prison by a jury dressed in Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and flip flops. Think of how more impressive Dave would be if when he posts pictures of himself he is in a tux, top hat, cummerbund, etc. The Supreme Court sets an example for us all.

Are we sure the only thing the SC peeps have under their robes are their hoods?

Face it. There is no such thing as men's fashion unless you are Sean Connery.

Ray turns back to talk directly to his colleague. Only now does he realise that Denny is wearing his miner's helmet back to front, its flashlight pointing back behind him.

"Wait a minute, what the hell are you doing?"

"Whaddya mean, what am I doing?"

"You got your hat on backwards!"

"Yeah," Denny mutters defensively. "So?"

"Whaddya mean, so? The flashlight is supposed to go at the front."

"Yeah, but it looks cool like this ... Wait a minute, I'm trying to figure the map out. I can't see so good any more.""

(Small Time Crooks)

pogo, the name is Bond. James Bond.

Man buns should be a hanging offense in Texas. I have seen too many of those on network TV during this lockdown. We here in Geezer Acres are supposedly going to be somewhat paroled next week.
For now, I believe I will make myself a nice Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster and go into hibernation.


Okay here is a shocking memory from an old man: In 6th grade I wore a Nehru windbreaker with a gold colored peace symbol on a wood medallion necklace to school every day.

Men wear shoes. Women decorate their feet.

Speaking of buns and hanging, to your list I would add derrieres that hang out the back of fabric-challenged shorts. One waxes nostalgic for the era when, if a woman's slip was (gasp) showing, etiquette dictated that another woman sidle up to her and whisper discreetly, "Your slip is showing." And I am so with Craig on the hats. You are only as good as your hatter.

in my life time, there have been so many horrors: mullets, man buns, hair ratted to the skies (beehives), crocs, cargo shorts, to name but a few. But the all time worst IMHO was the boys/guys wearing their pants so low that they couldn't walk, the crotch was at their knees...I think that was the 90s...bad in every dimension, looks, functionality, hurt to look at them, must have been godawful to wear them

and in defense of cold-shoulder tops...I love them! So comfortable, so cool...great esp for women of a certain age...you can show your shoulders but hide your arms...

For me, the gold standard for hideous fashion always points to the Swedish dance bands from the 1970s.

Anything my daughter saw me wearing when she was a teenager.

One word: Speedo. 11 square inches of straining teal spandex.

The Princess and her side hair buns. Sheesh. I blame the Force.

I recall Sean Connery looked pretty good in mutton-chops in The Man Who Would Be King.

Then again, Connery made most things look good.

Out here on the farm we favor T-shirts a and bib overalls. No underware gives a true feeling of freedom. A baseball cap (bill forward) adds to the ensemble. Works for any gender.

Whatever happened to the sack dress?

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