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June 30, 2020


The mystery of the San Fernando Valley orgasm whisperer

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Is it a Harlequin book by Danielle Steel?

OK, I bring her on a Tuesday, but Thursdays, she gonna have to come by boos, or as they used to say:"Just blow in my ear and I'll follow you anywhere". Isn't there a guy on the east coast known as Max the Motorboater?

I thought women didn't whisper during an orgasm ?

Only in California.

Qaz--I don't believe the book has been released yet, but it will be a Harlequin for certain. Netflix is planning a movie series with the working title of: "Valley of the Orgasm Whisperer."

My story had ads with photos of Donald Trump and Woodrow Wilson. The article was sort of troubling against that backdrop.

Where does he get off, thinking he can run that kind a business?

As his customers depart, does he thank them by using Apu's tag-line from The Simpsons?

I greatly appreciate his talent.

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