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June 27, 2020


Russians replace rear wheels on car with metal legs

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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"Workroom Siberia" must be the latest euphemism for "gulag".

That must be the furthest/fastest a Lada has ever run without breaking down.

Well, at least the turn signal wasn't left on while it was inching its way forward.

Perhaps they were plannign to take it to a drag strip, but to be honest that sounds more like a Polish joke.

Now that Segways are no longer being made, the Russians have a substitute.

"Sure, I'll have another vodka. I left my car a block away and just walked to the bar. The car won't be coming by for quite a while."

Another triumph for the Lada engineering team.

In an attempt to produce the world's worst drift racer the new Lada comes in either Front wheel dive or rear wheel drag variants?

The "Top Gear" guys participated in a street drag race in Cuba where the top car was a souped up Lada. I suspect the only part that was Lada was the body, which looked just like the one on the walking car. ("Top Gear" guys raced old American classics, two of which had diesel engines instead of the originals.)

Did you see the next story? "Worst
on-hold music of all time" I nearly drowned on a sip of water.

This looks like the offspring after a Trabant had sex with with a Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker.

Baskerville Bee, that is some wicked music!

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