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June 24, 2020


Hitchhiking marmots threaten native Island species

(Thanks to Ann)


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This seems like the perfect opportunuty for wildlife officials to demonstrate the viability of social distancing by establishing additional remote colonies. Locations I'd like to recommend are Staten Island, somewehre on the Jersey shore, and re-stocking that fountain in the middle of Washington Square, Manhattan.


...so on Vancouver Island it's like every day is Marmot Day?

I'm impressed. Do they even have thumbs?

@MOTW--I'm glad you realize how much help those Pan Galactic gargle blasters can be to not only stop, but reverse, annoying panic attacks.

However, "Don't Panic" is the most intelligent bit of advice I have heard lately.

Marmots are called whistle pigs up here and lots of us enjoy a bowl of whistle pig stew once in a while.
There's lots of recipes, but begin by skinning,cleaning, debone, and quarter your future meal. Take care to remove any bullets, then place in a crock pot. Add potatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms or whatever to the pot and cook in oven.
Enjoy plenty of your favorite beer while it cooks. Serve with sourdough bread or cornbread.
This is a meal to remember.

Just put baited live traps inside backpacks or day packs to quickly capture the invading species. They may not have thumbs, but some in heavily-traveled mountain country have figured out how to open zippers with their teeth. Some hikers feed the varmints, which gives them expectations that all packs contain marmot treats. Maybe the local Vancouver Island marmots are scarce because too many locals were using Frank's recipe.

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