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June 29, 2020


Brimfield officers capture emu on the lam, wrap it into bird ‘burrito’

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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2020 Brimfield Show Dates – Brimfield MA
The Brimfield Flea Markets run three times a year, May, July and September. See the chart below for the 2020 Brimfield Show Dates and make your plans early!
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July 14-19, 2020
September 8-13, 2020 ...Just stuff it, in two weeks it'll sell.

McCartney recorded the follow-up, "Band on the Run."

I bet Doug flipped and tried to kill LEMU.

Bird burritos are hard to find these days, even at Taco Bell. Most people prefer beef, bean or cheese burritos.

We're going to need more sour cream.

"Emu on the Lam" was the first draft of "Band on the Run"

Emu Burrito is:

1. A really bad conjunto band.
2. A pretty good supper.

At least it wasn't a cassowary. They are tough birds.

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